Wednesday, January 9, 2008

A Strange Thing Mystifying

Dear online public diary,

My favorite direction/directorial advice of tonights rehearsal:

"Don't freak out!"

The directors Tami and Anna are dynamic, emotionally agile, spirited and forgiving! I can only speak what I see. I thoroughly enjoy whatever it is that they are doing.

Anna also told me, "We have plenty of rehearsals to get this down." I breathed and I started laughing. When I look at the rehearsal schedule I think "Is this going to be enough time?". I dared not ever ask that question. Tami reminded me that there are no dumb questions.

Wow. This acting/singing/dancing on a regular basis is fun. Anything I managed to tuck away in my brain about writing and acting is paying off. All of those 3 hours discussions about actors and scripts are giving me points of reference. I want to feel what it's like to perform on opening night.

It was a long time ago but I remember what it was like to do scenes with other actors who were strong and into their parts. It is easier to bring the scenes to life when the other people on stage support you... FUN! It's fun. that's what it is.

I am on a pink cloud right now.

Relief, pleasure, I'm not sure what happened but tonight I really walked away mystified. How on earth did I get here. This is not my beautiful wife!

Staggered half thoughts make a blog not.

Please comment and share where you are at with rehearsals. Something you would want to share as a learning tool for other productions. This blog is an experiment for me but if it somehow took off in a direction (there's that word again)I would be fine with that -- play it cool like Miss Tami!

Sincerely your Townie, leper, drug addict, tenor sometimes bass sister of the fold,

Saturday, January 5, 2008

What's the buzz?

1. Here is a video of a parody of Jesus Christ Superstar featuring Jack Black and David Cross.

2. The content for this blog will be updated more often...